A probate lawyer may help the Personal Representative of the estate go through the probate process.  The need for probate can vary from case to case depending on the existence of a valid will.  We can advise you of the laws in Georgia and help you determine what to expect in the probate process.

A member of our legal team may assist and guide you with addressing several items, including:

  • Locating probate and non-probate assets
  • Collecting life insurance money
  • Obtaining appraisals of the deceased’s property
  • Preparing and filing the documents the probate court needs
  • Rolling over and making elections for retirement plans
  • Taking care of the estate checking account
  • Advising on any payments of outstanding debts and final bills
  • Determining any inheritance or estate taxes
  • Dealing with any income tax issues
  • Helping with selling estate property
  • Requesting court permission as necessary
  • Retitling the real estate
  • Settling disputes between beneficiaries and personal representatives
  • Distributing remaining assets after the final estate has been settled

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Our Team has the keen eye you need to make sure your loved one’s inheritance goes to the right people.  Please do not leave it to yourself to determine whether your loved one’s estate needs probate.  That could cause even more delay and be more costly than simply hiring the right probate attorney from the start.

As the personal representative or executor of the estate, you do not pay us anything out of your own pocket. The estate pays our fees and it pays yours, too.  For your services in this process, you will receive payment once the estate is closed, which should happen within one year.

The probate process can be complicated, and it is the last thing you want to deal with after losing a loved one.  Our compassionate staff and attorneys understand and will gently guide you through the process.  Contact one of our attorneys at 404-658-9900 today.